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by {Nellie Bea Photography}

January 14, 2018

So my goal for 2017 was to blog! Blog my sessions, blog about important topics, and just blog random subjects that maybe my followers might be interested in. That goal, of course like many new years resolutions I make fell to the wayside, and it never really happened. Go figure! LOL
So...naturally, for 2018 it has become a goal that I have set for myself AGAIN, and there is no better way to start then by doing this short little blog post to let you all know that I plan to blog in 2018. HAHAHA! 


So a few disclaimers regarding my blog....I am a photographer. My talent, time, and energy is put into that. I by no means am very good at proper grammar and punctuation. So do not expect to see that in my posts.  I will put commas where I feel they should go and create never ending run on sentences when I feel like rambling on and on. I will probably incorrectly use the words their, there, and they're many times. This is me and I am OK with it.  LOL!

I am hoping that this will be a very positive thing for myself as well as for my clients. I am really excited to share with you all a little more about each session I photograph, rather than just leaving you all with the very small and kind of impersonal preview posts on my FB page from each session.

I hope to share a few of my most recent sessions here this next week, and I hope you stop back here to read them, and just LOVE on all the images.  

SPOILER ALERT!!!!! this weeks posts will showcase some absolutely adorable NEWBORNS!

thanks for stopping by!

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